60 Seconds Binary Options

60 Seconds binary options60 Seconds binary Options are a special case of binary options that all brokers have in their portfolios. Some brokers broaden their opportunities with further tiny-time-spans up to 300 seconds in which the traders bet only on rising or falling base values. In other words, 60 Seconds Options always relate to Call or Put (High / Low), but never to other kinds of options such as Boundary (Range) or Touch Options.

60 Seconds Binary Option: ultra-short speculations with high profit targets

Brokers assign 70 to 90 percent chances of profit to Call- and Put-Options which is also the gain that applies to ultra-short options. This is considered a rapid profit when taking into account that the course of the base value must only move to the chosen direction – the distance is irrelevant, a single point in the base value can decide over gain or loss (the employees of AlphaOption point out that due to different ways of price fixing one should never argue with the broker over one point). So, if a course gets going into one or the other direction, 60 Seconds Options can be very profitable. The only concern is for the course to keep following that particular trend for one more minute. These movements take place in all kinds of values each day; for example 20 or 30 points in the DAX (often even more) or 10 to 50 Pips in EUR/USD. Basically any value can fluctuate around a significant amount at any time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 60 Seconds Binary Options

First of all, 60 Seconds Options are highly suspenseful, as one minute after booking the option the trader naturally sits in front of the computer screen in anxious expectation of the final outcome. If the trend continues, the short option may, of course, be booked several times in a row, so that, theoretically speaking, within half an hour (usual duration of mini-trends) the one-minute-option can be booked 3 or even 6 times and generate an individual gain of 400 percent or an accumulated gain (for the very risk-seeking) of even 1,000 percent (the trader would reinvest each total profit). But certainly, 60 Seconds binary Options are not sure-fire investment – trends may always occur and evolve into the exact opposite in a matter of seconds.

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