The Best Binary Options Trading Platforms

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Best binary options trading platforms in May 2018
Rating: 5/5
$200 min. Deposit max. Return: 80% $25 min. Trade
Anyoption is one of the most respected binary options platforms!

Rating: 5/5
$10 min. Deposit max. Return: 85% $1 min. Trade
IQoption is Cysec, Regafi, FCA, FMRRC and Consob regulated

Rating: 5/5
$250 min. Deposit max. Return: 85% $20 min. Trade
StockPair offes over 150 assets incl. 9 different currency pairs!

Things you need to know about binary options trading!

spotoptionTo successfully trade binary options you need to fulfill three preconditions that were explained already. We have already been introduced to the best brokers on the market that you can doubtlessly trust your money with. Let us take the next step! As mentioned, we would like to trade strong and stable trends that give us the choice of long or short speculation on bo´s (also referred to as digital options). Keep reading about your possibilities and the basic strategies of identifying trends and following trends! After that we will, once again, discuss the importance of adequate risk management and will continue with how you can enjoy permanent success in trading binary options.

Strategy! How do I identify trends & what´s behind all this?

The Trendfollowing Strategy will generate tangible profits at the end of the day. To determine in which direction a trend will evolve and on which direction to focus the trade with binary options, you can use many different approaches, strategies, and techniques. However, the trend identification should never be too complicated to eliminate possible errors. After all, you want to trade binary options without having to sign up for a PhD in mathematical finance first! Read more about the simplest and securest methods of identifying and following trends!

Risk and Money Management – protect your money!

Money ManagementWithout question, binary options are an easy way to rapidly multiply your money with extremely high returns – but not without risk! When trading every day you can, by NO means, be right with every single investment decision. This is not a problem though, as we learn from bad decisions and can improve our trading behavior accordingly. To guarantee your survival it is essential for you to stick with the rules of Money Management that should not be disobeyed once defined!

Trade rationally with binary options, not emotionally!

When money is involved, people quickly lose their minds. You need to stay rational at all times when you aim to become a successful trader. Emotions are not welcome on the trading floor. After a bad day or when feeling sick you should not be trading. You need to be in complete control of yourself to have good and clear judgment and to act rationally. Whether you win or lose money, try to stay calm and avoid excessive emotions. Enjoy trading and simply relax!

Stay calm and alerted, trade only sound trends with the appropriate position size (Money Management!), and use the recommended brokers of our tests. Be a winner! Start trading binary options today!